Welcome to the HWIS website designed for Brokers to access the online quoting and project application for the Managed Builder Program. Below is some general information about the new scheme.

Builders should contact your local insurance broker to apply for eligibility to the NSW Home Warranty Fund and options to be involved in the Managed Builder Program.

Managed Builder Program

The Managed Builder Program has been introduced by SICorp to provide builders who do not meet the Home Warranty financial model, an opportunity to gain eligibility for Home Warranty Insurance.

The MBP is a risk management program run by independent private companies on behalf of the government. In effect, it is a series of ‘checks’ throughout the building contract period aimed at reducing the risk for the government. The program is not aimed at being interruptive to the builder but rather run alongside the builder’s normal construction management.

There a 4 components to the MBP that will be conducted by HWIS.

Component 1 – Contract Administration
• Review of the details of the contract parties
• Review contract conditions
• Review Provisional Cost items
• Review the Progress Claim schedule
• Certify that the contract has been examined

Component 2 – Reasonableness of Cost Component
• Ensure contract price is reasonable for the scope of work
• Identify an anomalies in the pricing structure
• Certify that cost check has been completed

Component 3 – Quality Assurance/Building Inspection (Part 1)
• Determine the number of inspections to be undertaken in order that:
- The quality of the residential work is of an acceptable standard
- The work complies with provisions of the contract
• Certify that the QA & Building inspections are complete

Component 4 – Quality Assurance/Building Inspection (Part 2)
• Monitor progress of the construction
• Undertake inspections at predetermined milestones
• Check that any variations are in writing
• Complete Inspection Reports
• Certify whether it is appropriate for scheduled Progress Claims to be made
• Reporting of anomalies to SICorp
• Complete a final report on the project

The above Components will be completed by HWIS and each component will be charged at hourly rates. Your Broker will provide you a quote on request.

About HWIS

We are a new organisation specifically set up to run the Managed Builder Program. Backed by a consortium of larger companies, we have expertise in the areas of Project Management, Construction, Quantity Surveying, Engineering and Building Inspections. Our senior management all have over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry and are here to assist the builder/broker through the MBP process.

Coupled with this, HWIS also have a sophisticated IT platform enabling ease of application, online quoting and fast project processing. This will enable brokers to process things quickly and builders to get on with what they do best – building.

Contact Details
Tel: (02) 9541 0111
Fax: (02) 9541 0112
Email: mbatger@hwis.com.au
Post: PO Box 1159, Menai Central NSW 2234